Softscaping or softscape is a term that refers to the live horticultural / plant-related elements of an outdoor landscaping project. It typically involves designing and installing features that showcase flowers, shrubs, trees, and various other plants. Trimming, cutting, digging, aerating, and the installation of flower beds are also usually included when referring to softscaping. This type of landscaping work is usually done to create a certain atmosphere in a particular yard.

Here at Renew, we believe it is vitally important to include our customer's exact preferences and specifications in every single step of the softscape process - everything from planning, design, and installation. An outdoor space should reflect particular tastes and styles, and we are dedicated to working together with clients to create something beautiful and unique. Some of the usual factors that go into the entire process include:

  • Selection of plant species and other horticultural elements
  • Size and placement of specific softscape elements
  • Balancing colours to ensure aesthetic appeal

Quality softscaping highlights the natural beauty of your yard while also increasing the value of your property - contact us today for a free quote and to find out more about how Renew Landscaping can transform your yard into a greener, more enjoyable living space.