Retaining Walls

Another service that we are proud to offer is the construction and installation of retaining walls. Retaining walls are important because they support soil mass and other softscape features laterally so the soil can be retained at different levels on both sides. They are usually installed on steep slopes or near other uneven features so soil that would otherwise be loose or unstable is retained. Renew Landscaping has years of experience designing and putting restraining walls in place that not only look great, but also hold up nicely against the test of time. Some typical types of restraining walls we offer our clients include :

  • Stone Walls - prevents erosion and helps to control water drainage
  • Stacked Stone Walls - fantastic durability and excellent natural water drainage
  • Modular Block Walls - aesthetically beautiful, affordable, durable, and low maintenance

Retaining walls can serve a variety of other purposes in your yard including the creation of depth and dimension - the extra surface area can help you fit more into a space while also increasing the flow and usability. Contact Renew Landscaping today to learn more about retaining walls and to receive a free quote.