Flower Bed & Garden Design

A must have service to keep your property looking its absolute best, our professional flower bed and garden design will ensure that your yard is the talk of the entire neighbourhood. Renew Landscaping has the experience and knowledge to create beautiful flower beds and install custom garden layouts that add curb appeal and value to your home.

Our team will also help you to properly select flowers, trees, and shrubs that will thrive in various environments - everything from seasonal plants, sun/shade plants, annuals, and various low-maintenance options. We also take the time to properly prepare the soil and rake + sharpen the contours of existing edges to create a professional/clean appearance.

Soil maintenance is especially important, as it is the key to quality plant growth. Once a new design is finalized and approved by a client, Renew delivers and installs each element with care while also ensuring your garden stays healthy and disease-free. Add some colour and vibrancy to your yard - contact Renew today to learn more about our garden design procedure and to get a free quote.